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Hydraulic seals

The T-Seal is compact and provides an excellent option to bulkier types of seals in a double or single acting application.  It requires significantly less packing space than Vee Packings, V-Cups, or Piston Cups.  The result is a compact, efficient and less costly overall component.


The T-Seal is used in reciprocating hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and in high-pressure applications.  It is an excellent direct replacement for other packings )such as those in standard grooves).  It fits into the same simple groove as O-rings and eliminates rolling or spiraling, even under long stroke or dry rod conditions.  It does not wedge into clearances or pinch off under motion or pressure and has good low-pressure sealing capabilities.


Because the T-Seal is supplied with a back-up on both sides of the sealing area, it functions very well in double acting applications.  The back-ups are split for ease of installation.


Like other similar packings, the T-Seal is compressed to eliminate low-pressure leakage.  However, the back-up rings float between the T-Sealís flanges and the rod or bore, minimizing friction and wear.  When pressure is applied, a bridge is formed before extrusion can occur.


The T-Sealís back up utilizes hydraulic pressure to keep it in contact with the rod or cylinder wall.  This prevents extrusion from occurring.


The T-Seal resists spiral failure.  When piston or rod movement does occur, even under very low pressures, the design allows the back-up rings to lock the sealing element in place.


At present, American Seal & Packing stocks 70 Durometer Nitrile T-Seals with nylon back-ups.  Call for availability of other compounds.


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